The best quotation I heard in years came from a high profile rock musician who said

“As you strive to climb this ladder called ‘music business’, you quickly get a feeling that you have a duty. The best thing I can now do is ‘send the elevator down for the next man to come up’. When he gets up we can work together for those who can’t help themselves!”

We live in a world where it’s now expected to be socially conscious. From the pop-world to corporate life it seems everyone has to have the latest ‘social responsibility’ plan. Sometimes (and the corporate world is the worst offender) there is some hidden motive that involves a higher marketing profile or something along those lines.

The only underlying reason as far as I know is that it just makes me feel better about myself; if some kid in India gets a better life we both win!

Friday 12th September 2008 – 7pm. The Junction in Cambridge played host to John Heavens and band for an album pre-launch Charity gig on behalf of Befriend South Indian orphanage. The evening was packed with music from the Big City Calling album with a short interlude where Befriend Charity co-ordinator Helmi Van Den Berg gave a short explanation of the work done so far in Pondicherry South India. In short, there are now forty children who have a new sense of purpose and the security of a family setting thanks to the support of Befriend.

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